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Thanks to formulas based on living microorganisms, bioactivators have results that cannot be obtained by using ordinary, chemical products.

The microorganisms in the composition of Microcat products ensure a long lasting, intensive, natural process of decomposition of pollutants and accumulations of organic matter.

The biological degradation process is a completely natural one, accelerated and intensified by selecting the most effective microorganism strains.


Bioactivators are produced with 100% natural, biodegradable compounds.

Safe for humans and nature.

Thanks to the ecological ingredients, in direct contact with the skin, Microcat bioactivators are generally harmless.

Non-toxic, non-pathogenic

The lack of toxic compounds has a beneficial impact beyond just solving the problem. They reduce costs and the difficulty of treating the wastewater from various activities.


The use of bioactivators eliminates the risk of blockages and implicitly seizing the activity, ensuring against the accumulation of different pollutants and unpleasant odors.

The use of bioactivators in drainage systems, sewage treatment plants or grease separators eliminates the costs and effort of emptying.

The non-pathogenic bacteria in the composition of the products have a constant effect and eliminate mechanical interventions or the need for the human factor involvement.

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