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Who doesn’t like safe and easy solutions to any problem?

How about bringing quality of life benefits with

a positive impact on the environment?

The reality, of which we are more or less aware, is that the resources of our planet are limited. How long we will be able to enjoy these privileges depends on how good we care for them.

The quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink is vital to us.

The water used in homes, factories, and restaurants must be treated and cleaned in order to reenter the natural cycle and provide its benefits in the future.

How many times have you wondered what happens to the water loaded with fats, chemicals and various contaminants? Most of the time we just turn off the tap, flush the toilet or throw something down the drain and we’re done.

But this is only the beginning of a long and complex process. A process that should ultimately return to nature the cleanest possible water.

Sometimes, however, we are quite skilled at making this process difficult.

It is important to know that we are no longer limited to conventional (mostly toxic) solutions for the elimination of unwanted organic matter.

We don’t have to use harmful, often ineffective chemicals to remove grease, eliminate odors or clean a space.

There is no need to call on plumbers, dump trucks and other expensive means to get rid of these troubles.

The time when “clean” implied dangerous chemicals is long gone

Your options are no longer limited to products with toxic ingredients, which temporarily relieve a small problem, in reality developing a more serious one, with long-term damage.

Moreover, the usual chemical products only worsen the problem, which is only apparently solved.


Organic matter such as fats and oils can only be eliminated effectively through a natural degradation process, ensured by microbiological decomposition. Otherwise, by adding solutions based on NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide), a process of saponification of these accumulations is triggered, being even more difficult to remove later. Biological degradation, on the other hand, is a natural process that takes place all the time around us, at a certain rate. The progress of Biotechnology has led to the development of ecological products, which accelerate and intensify the process of organic decomposition. This type of product is generically called BIOACTIVATORS.

Unlike chemicals, compounds resulting from bioremediation can be released into the environment without any danger to the ecosystem. Bioactivators are completely safe products for humans and nature, which use non-pathogenic bacteria species, surfactants and other 100% natural ingredients.



Bioremediation is the modern technology of treating and eliminating various pollutants using microorganisms. They naturally break down organic and chemical materials, transforming them into non-dangerous substances.

The success of Biactivatori by Microcat is due to the 35 years of studies and development in the field of Biotechnology of the BioScience Research Institute (currently Monera Technologies CORP) in the USA.

Microcat solutions are formulated on the basis of patented recipes that use the highest number of bacteriological species and a concentration of microorganisms (bacterial count) clearly superior to other products of its kind.

Produced since 1984 and present today on all continents, Microcat bioactivators are guaranteed solutions with applications in the most complex and varied fields, from the Hospitality Industry or Aeronautics, to shrimp farms and Petrochemistry.

Microcat in Europe and Romania

Microcat bioactivators entered the romanian market in 2010, first exclusively serving the industrial sphere (slaughterhouses and meat processors, dairy factories, paper processing factories, sewage treatment plants and many others).

The constant growth registered since then is due to a healthy recipe: the innovation and efficiency of the solutions, the know-how of the team and the reputation gained with each satisfied customer.

Thus, we have come to enjoy the trust and recommendation of renowned partners such as Cris-Tim, Moldovan Carmangerie, Bunge, Friesland, Cramele Recas or Ocean Fish, to list only a small part. *(if you represent an industrial company, you can find out more about Microcat solutions dedicated to you on

Regarding the solutions dedicated to the non-industrial segment, 529 clients have given us their vote of confidence so far (2021). Each of them found in Microcat the safe solution to frequent residential problems, from fat clogging of the drainage system to the unpleasant smell coming from septic tanks.

In 2021, we launched the Bioactivators by Microcat division dedicated exclusively to the non-industrial and commercial segment.

The range of 20 selected products guarantees a specialized and ecological solution to the most difficult degreasing, cleaning and odor removal problems.

Whether we are talking about the HoReCa segment, residential, automotive or other, our experts are at your disposal at the distance of a simple phone call or email.

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