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No unplanned shutdown.
No emergency interventions and costs.
No worries!
Accumulation of organic matter is an inevitable process in a HoReCa facility, bringing with it a host of costly, complicated and simply annoying problems.
What if we told you that unforeseen clogging of the sewage system, annoying odors from toilets and showers, or problems with the sewage treatment plant all have a guaranteed solution, which is also environmentally friendly?
Manufactured in the USA for over 30 years, Microcat bioactivators contain the highest concentration of non-pathogenic bacteria and surfactants, ensuring a highly accelerated decomposition, cleaning and deodorization process.
Thanks to patented recipes and proven effectiveness, Microcat solutions are guaranteed prevention against unexpected bottlenecks, unexpected costs and emergency interventions.
In addition, they are biological solutions that are safe for humans and the environment and do not use dangerous chemicals and harmful toxic compounds.

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