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BIO CLEANER – Kitchen surfaces and equipment degreaser

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Natural enzymatic product for degreasing and cleaning surfaces, machinery and tools in industrial kitchens.



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  • Provides an intensive degreasing, cleaning and emulsifying effect on kitchen grease.
  • The patented recipe based on enzymes and surfactants guarantees an environmentally friendly cleaning process.
  • Applying the most modern innovations of Biotechnology, it guarantees a natural degreasing process of equipment and surfaces.
  • Used in combination with Microcat BioPlumber, it removes accumulated grease and oil deposits.
  • BioCleaner is effective even where oxygen supply is deficient.
  • Its completely natural composition and neutral pH make it compatible with biological, physical and chemical treatment systems.
  • The absence of toxic compounds recommends it as an ideal alternative where a safe environment for the staff and the environment is desired, avoiding chemicals.



BioCleaner is an organic, all-natural degreaser, a type of product rarely found on the global market.

Microcat Bioactivator has a completely plant-based recipe, based on enzymes and surfactants. It acts as an intensive pH-neutral degreaser with non-caustic and non-corrosive action. For these reasons it is superior to chemical alternatives being a completely safe product for humans and the environment. Its action is to emulsify the build-up of grease and other organic matter and to clean them in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The patented formula makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications. From food processing (meat shops, butchery, restaurant kitchens) to wastewater treatment, BioCleaner is used successfully.

BioCleaner is proven effective in cleaning surfaces, machinery and tools, breaking down grease, oil, starch and protein deposits in an environmentally friendly way. Once these organic compounds are removed, the unpleasant odours generated are also removed.


In general, BioCleaner® is applied and dosed as needed. It will be used individually to degrease and emulsify grease and oil build-ups on different surfaces or together with BioPlumber inside draining systems and in grease separators.


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