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BIO PLUMBER – Ecological concentrate for sewer cleaning

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Patented solution with guaranteed efficiency in breaking down grease and unclogging drains.

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  • Patented recipe using micro-organisms (non-pathogenic bacteria) to break down difficult grease accumulations.
  • Unblock the clogged, blocked drains by applying the latest innovations of Biotechnology.
  • It is the product with the highest number of selected species and the highest concentration of microorganisms. ( >3 x 10+9 cfu’s/gram )
  • Provides natural, non-toxic drain cleaning through an accelerated biodegradation process.
  • Constant use of BioPlumber prevents blockage and clogging of the drainage system.
  • It is also effective in removing past accumulations of organic matter from drains.
  • Protects against unexpected clogging of the drainage system, avoiding downtime and costly emergency interventions.
  • Keeps drains and separators clean, free of build-ups and free flowing at all times.



BioPlumber contains a natural complex of selected natural micro-organisms used to break down organic substances in sewage systems. It is the product with the highest microbiological concentration ( >3 x 10+9 cfu’s/gram ) and the highest number of selected species currently on the market.

Conventional products based on dangerous chemicals only work on the surface. They do not break down fats, facilitating a saponification process and therefore clogging the system. Microcat BioPlumber unclogs sewers and drains naturally by decomposing and liquefying organic matter ecologically. The bioactivator, designed and manufactured in the USA, can even remove unpleasant odours.

BioPlumber® is a unique, balanced Biopreparate containing carefully selected natural micro-organisms, formulated for grease liquefaction and for the declogging of sewage networks (pipes, pits, wells, etc).

For the removal of old (almost calcified) deposits and the efficient unclogging of drains, BioPlumber is effectively used together with BioCleaner. The emulsifying effect provided by the enzymes contained in BioCleaner transforms old accumulations into a more easily decomposable food source for the microorganisms in the BioPlumber composition.


BioPlumber® is mixed with water and added directly to the drain or grease separator. For sewers use 25 g/week; for small grease separators use 500 g/week; for large separators, sewage tanks and pumping stations use 100 g/m3, daily or weekly, depending on type and load.

Our specialists can help you find the right solution to the problem you are dealing with. Contact us and we will develop a treatment plan and a customized solution.


500 g container, 1000 g container


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