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SEPTIC START – Septic tank bioactivator

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Concentrated microbiological complex with guaranteed efficiency in activating septic tanks.

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Microcat SepticStart is part of the range of bioactivators targeted at domestic users who own septic tanks and micro wastewater treatment plants. They have been created to ensure a much more intense microbiological activity than is usually the case. Each product contains billions of non-pathogenic, 100% natural bacteria with a scientifically tested ability to break down organic matter. The constant use of bioactivators facilitates the proper functioning of the septic tank or station, playing a major role in the obtained results.



  • You benefit from the efficiency of the bioactivator for the highest concentration of bacteria (>3 billion/gram) and the highest number of selected species.
  • SepticStart is guaranteed to eliminate unpleasant odours by applying the latest innovations in Biotechnology.
  • It guarantees rapid seeding at installation or after draining, due to the high number of bacteria, the quality of the selected families and the ingredients chosen to stimulate them.
  • It reduces the frequency (to the point of elimination) of drainage, along with the inconvenience and costs involved.
  • Its effectiveness is not affected by the use of common hygiene products.
  • Ensures constant optimal operation of the septic tank through an accelerated decomposition and biodegradation process.
  • Creates a biofilm to protect the septic tank against clogging of the entire system.
  • Efficient even in the decomposition of tissues and toilet paper.
  • You benefit from the efficiency of a bioactivator designed and produced in the USA.
  • NO harmful effects on groundwater.
  • 1kg SepticStart provides the necessary for 10 months, depending on the volume of the septic tank.



SepticStart is a microbiological product that uses non-pathogenic bacteria to break down faecal-household waste accumulated in septic tanks. Based on a patented recipe, this US-produced bioactivator has the highest concentration of bacteria available in a product of its kind: >3 x 10+9 cfu’s/gram. Thanks to this unique formulation, Septic Start, will eliminate all problems related to the functioning of the septic tank or cesspool in your yard. SepticStart is successfully used to trigger and sustain microbiological activity in the septic tank after installation or after it has been emptied. Selected families of non-pathogenic bacteria populate the septic tank, ensuring through their activity a safe, natural decomposition of organic matter. SepticStart’s unique formulation and uncompetitive concentration of micro-organisms ensure that unpleasant odours are neutralised.



SepticStart is mixed in water and applied directly into the toilet. The recommended initial dose is 100g of biopreparation per 1m3 of total septic tank volume. The mixture is dissolved in 5l of warm water, then dosed into the toilet basin. Subsequently, the dose will be reduced to 25g bioactivator, diluted in 5l of water, for each toilet. Apply weekly.


500 g jar, 1000 g jar


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