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BIO FLOOR – Biological floor and decking degreaser

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Specialised cleaning solution using non-pathogenic bacteria for degreasing and cleaning floors in industrial kitchens.


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  • It uses technologies based on non-pathogenic bacteria specialised in efficient grease breakdown.
  • Thoroughly cleans and degreases floors, including porous surfaces.
  • Easy to use – BioFloor is applied directly to the surface to be cleaned and then left to work. NO further rinsing required.
  • Floor degreaser using the most modern applications of Biotechnology. Made in USA.
  • Combats the risk of slipping and injury of staff.
  • It uses non-pathogenic bacteria and surface-active agents to remove accumulated grease and efficiently degrease floors.
  • Removes unpleasant odours from accumulated grease.
  • Provides a safe and healthy work environment.
  • DOESN’T charge the sewage system.
  • Effective even in removing grease and oil build-up from drains.




The risk of slipping, unhygienic environment or unpleasant smell are just some of the problems created by grease build-up on the floor of an industrial kitchen. These surfaces are subjected to heavy traffic and strict hygiene rules, and the last thing you want is to have to deal with these problems.

Although almost inevitable, these situations are not without solutions. And the solution does not involve creating a toxic environment using chemicals.

Thanks to its biodegradable composition, BioFloor degreaser is safe for humans and nature. The bioactivator produced in USA is ideal for use in areas where hygiene is a priority and toxic products are to be avoided.

The non-pathogenic bacteria in the BioFloor composition naturally breaks down organic matter, leaving floors and surfaces degreased and safe.

BioFloor does not require rinsing. Once the solution is spread all over the floor, just let it work. The result will be a hygienic floor, free of grease build-ups and dangerous chemicals.





BioFloor is applied directly onto the area that needs to be cleaned, just like a conventional cleaner. It is left to work overnight. No rinsing required.

The dosage for very dirty surfaces varies between 100 – 300 ml of product dissolved in 5 litres of water, and for less dirty floors, the dosage of product varies between 60-150 ml of product dissolved in 5 litres of water.


1000 g bottle, 5000 g bottle


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