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BIO DRAIN – Grease decomposition and drainage solution

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Liquid solution based on selected bacteria and enzymes, formulated for the breakdown of grease and oil in drainage systems.

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  • The effectiveness of a patented recipe using specialized bacteria for environmentally friendly drain and sewer cleaning.
  • It is guaranteed to remove problematic build-ups, especially grease, oil, protein, gluten and starch.
  • It protects you from system clogging, sewer backups, shutdowns and costly emergency interventions.
  • Keeps the waste system and grease separator clean, free from build-up and free flowing at all times.
  • The microbiological grease decomposition action continues after BioDrain reaches the grease separator, the sump or the septic tank.
  • Removes unpleasant odours by breaking down the build-ups that causes them.
  • NO chemicals and toxic compounds, NO harmful emissions.
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, safe for humans and nature.
  • Automatic dosage! You can benefit of installing the automatic dosing system Dose 100. This way we will cut the need for staff involvement, avoid dosing errors and save you time, energy and money.



Build-up of organic matter ( grease, oil, starch, protein) is one of the biggest problems within an industrial kitchen. Unpleasant smells, blockage of the sewage system, shutdowns and the costs involved are situations that can and should be avoided. Once the build-up of organic matter reaches a critical volume, the system freezes, activity stops and costly mechanical interventions are required – the daily use of BioDrain provides a guarantee against these unwanted situations.

Especially effective in high-volume kitchens, BioDrain liquid bioactivator uses biotechnology to unclog drains, keeping pipes clean, free of build-ups and protecting against unpleasant odours and clogging.

Biodrain’s non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes naturally uncover and remove garbage and other organic build-ups, a result impossible to achieve with conventional, chemical methods. Microcat Bioactivator owes its efficiency to the patented recipe, which contains the highest concentration of microorganisms (up to >7x 10+8 cfu/ml) and the highest number of selected species.

Products based on toxic compounds have NaOH (caustic soda) as the main ingredient, and this in contact with any type of grease has a saponification effect. It can break down the rest of the residue for the moment, but the grease will gradually layer, calcify and end up completely clogging the drain.

The patented Bioformula keeps restaurants, commercial and residential buildings clean and guarantees free flow. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary costs caused by unavoidable mechanical interventions and business interruptions.




BioDrain is dosed into drains, separators, sanitary or sewage systems at night or when water use is minimal.

For restaurant, institutional and commercial kitchen drains that collect large amounts of grease, use approximately 300 ml per night. For residential, or less used drains, use 200 ml per week.

For industrial consumption, we provide an automatic, programmable dosing system that eliminates the need for any additional intervention for 2 months.


1L bottle, 5 L bottle, 10 L bottle, 20 L bottle


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