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EPUR CLEAN – Bioactivator for sewage treatment plant maintenance

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Specialized bacterial product for constant use in wastewater treatment plants to support microbiological activity.

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  • It is the bioactivator for wastewater treatment plants with the highest concentration of bacteria and selective species.
  • Completely eliminates unpleasant odours derived from sewage treatment plant activity.
  • Through constant use, it combats the need for vacuum cleaners, along with the inconvenience and costs involved.
  • The microorganisms in the EpurClean composition ensure the creation of a protective biofilm against clogging of the entire system.
  • Completely decomposes organic matter accumulated in the sewage treatment plant and system (including napkins and toilet paper).
  • It has a guaranteed efficiency even in contact with common hygiene products – EpurClean activity is not affected.
  • Saves you from unwanted repair and intervention costs caused by system clogging.
  • No corrosive effect on the piping system.
  • Simple to use – using the included measuring spoon apply the biopreparation directly into the toilet bowl once a week.
  • Safe – biodegradable product, free of chemicals and toxic compounds, perfectly safe for humans and the environment.
  • 1kg EpurClean provides the necessary for 10 months, depending on the volume of the station.



EpurClean is the safest and most cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal operation of wastewater treatment plants.

Manufactured in the USA, the Microcat bioactivator is based on a patented recipe that breaks down organic matter in record time, ensuring free flow within the plant and throughout the system cycle. The high number of bacteria, the quality of the selected families and the ingredients chosen to stimulate them ensure an accelerated decomposition process, superior to other products of the same kind.

EpurClean is successfully used to support and ensure optimal microbiological activity in sewage treatment plants, maintaining a high rate of microbiological activity and completely eliminating unpleasant odours. Extend the life of your drain system and station, protecting your home or business from unexpected costs and problems.

EpurClean’s unique formulation and high concentration of microorganisms ensure efficient decomposition of faecal material and other residues, with the ability to break down even napkins or toilet paper.

Due to the efficient decomposition process provided by the bacteria in the EpurClean composition, the need for emptying will be reduced until it is completely eliminated.



EpurClean is mixed in water and applied directly into the toilet or sink. The recommended initial dose is 50g/m3 of the station. The required amount of EpurClean should be dissolved in 5l of warm water and dosed into the toilet bowl. Subsequently, the dose will be reduced to 25g bioactivator, diluted in 5l of water. Apply weekly.


Container 500 g, Container 1000 g


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