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BIO SCENT – Odour neutraliser for toilet cleaning

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Natural microbiological product to eliminate the source of unpleasant odours (especially urine)

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  • Keeps the toilet clean with applied biotechnology.
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours derived from urine using selected non-pathogenic bacteria.
  • It breaks down the source of odours with the help of micro-organisms, not masking them with perfumes and chemicals.
  • It’s easy to use – simply spray and let it work. NO rinsing, NO dilution, NO other actions.
  • It has proven efficiency even on textile surfaces such as carpets, fabrics, upholstery!
  • Provides long-lasting effects achieved in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of dangerous chemicals and toxic ingredients.
  • Deodorises toilets naturally, safe for humans and nature.



Strong unpleasant odours from human urine, sweat, faeces and other decomposing organic matter can be extremely disturbing and difficult to remove.

Urine residues are constantly accumulating in the toilets of your own home or institutions such as shopping centres, nurseries or nursing homes. They create an unhygienic environment and bring with them disturbing odours, which can be difficult and annoying to remove.

Fortunately, the BioScent Biological Odour Neutralizer guarantees you an easy and effective solution to these problems. It works by counteracting unpleasant odours by breaking down toxic compounds with the help of micro-organisms.

The BioScent recipe is patented and uses the science of biotechnology and applied microbiology to remove odours directly from their source. The non-pathogenic bacteria in the composition are specifically selected for their ability to break down harmful compounds in urine.

Produced in the USA, Microcat bioactivator is successfully used in high-traffic toilets, such as gas stations, restaurants, clubs, to neutralize unpleasant odors (especially those derived from urine). Unlike traditional products, it neutralizes, NOT just covers and perfumes.

BioScent is also effective for removing urine odour from fabrics and other textiles when they cannot be washed immediately. Sprayed directly onto materials and left to work, the bioactivator neutralises unpleasant fumes by acting on toxic compounds and eliminating them.



BioScent® is prepared to be used as such. Spray directly onto surfaces. NO rinsing required.

Bathrooms and public toilets: Clean beforehand with Bioactivators by Microcat cleaning products: BioCleaner and BioFloor. Using the spray bottle, apply 2-3 times on the floor, near the toilet or urinal, including in the urinal. Let it work. Repeat 2-3 times a day if necessary.

Textiles, nappies, diapers: spray 2-3 times BioScent directly on them and let it work. If the smell has penetrated deep into the fabric, it must be sufficiently saturated with the product. BioScent must be in direct contact with the odour source to be fully effective. Let it dry. If the smell persists, not enough solution has been used – repeat. In the case of stains it is recommended for increased efficiency to rub the area with a sponge after application. Let it dry.


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